Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woolgoolga Whale Watching

We headed off to Woolgoolga to have lunch and see if we could spot a few whales off the headland.  We dropped into Bom Bom State Forest for a mountain bike ride on the way  The guys from Grafton have really been extending their trail network, well done, we're enjoying the trails !

Then off to Woolgoolga, "fish 'n chips" on the headland, just as we walked down to where we intended to sit, we were rewarded by having a pod of feeding dolphins cavorting just of the rocks... all before I could get the camera out of course !  After watching the dolphins I headed over to the southern side of the headland for a panorama shot

Looking south from the headland

On the walk back down I spotted a whale breaching in the distance.  I let Toni know and she followed it enthusiastically with the binoculars, while I set the camera up.  We saw the Whale breach a few times, lost it, found it and then lost it again.

Toni's whale !

While I had the magical experience a many whale sightings in the past, including this unforgettable experience, this was Toni's first encounter.  Unfortunately we only saw one the time we were there and it was quite a ways off the headland.

Of course we had been rewarded with an incredibly gorgeous day

Looking towards South West Solitary Island